Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

This memorial day my aunt visited me and we met up in the city for a fun girls weekend! I love going to San Francisco, this city is so cool and very easy to walk around! We stayed at the Marriort off Union Square and I cannot stress how comfortable the beds were. It was like sleeping on clouds. Plus it was a queen which was so nice to roll around in since at college I have a twin.

The first day was spent doing one of my favorite cardio! With all the great memorial day sales going on we just couldn't pass it up! Plus my aunt really wanted to shop at stores she doesn't have at home.

We shopped until we got hungry and headed to the top of Macy's in Union Square and sat on the roof and had a quick bite at The Cheesecake Factory.

Later we stopped and bought the most AMAZING kettle corn ever! Like the best kettle corn I have ever tasted! My mouth is watering now just thinking of it.

The next day we took the ferry over to Sausalito which is a really cute town on the water. If you take the Golden Gate Bridge you can be there in 30 minutes or take the ferry across and be there in 30 minutes to. While we were crossing the bay, our ferry came across this man who was sailing and his boat capsized! It was so scary he was just floating in the water! The crew on the ferry were running around trying to follow procedure while the passengers were pressed up against the window watching the guy trying to stay afloat in the very very very choppy water!

Thankfully our ferry threw him a life preserver and waited with him until the U.S. Coast Guard showed up. He was saved! But probably a little chilly...

When we finally made it to Sausalito we walked around the town and just sight seed and stopped into different stops along the way. It is a beautiful town and if you have a couple hours to spend you should go check it out. Plus the houses are beautiful! We stopped and got burgers at 737 Bridgeway Hamburgers which supposedly Britney Spears ate at once! Anywoo you could watch the chef make the burgers in the window and they were so yummy! Great ending to the day!

I was so happy my aunt visited me, it was a great way to have a last hoorah before I have finals for school. Besides who doesn't want to have school on Monday...