Friday, August 30, 2013

Settling In

I made it! I crossed the pond successfully and from much demand (mostly from my lovely mother) I am finally posting! The first half day was full of getting from the airport to my new flat and unpacking. The first night I had dinner with girls in my flat and went to sleep since I was majorly jet lagged! The next couple of days were mainly orientation for my program and getting soap, detergent, food, towels and other household goodies! So far I am loving it and have no idea how I will ever want to leave come December 15th!

 So this is the street that I live on. I am unfortunately living in South Kennington which is a really posh area! Literally no one lives here except really important people plus Prince Will and Kate plus baby George will be moving in Kenningston palace soon which is in the same area as me! Hopefully a royal sighting will be in my future!!! 

This is the Natural History Museum which is two blocks away from my flat! I told you I live in the coolest area! 

The area is fantastic and I cannot wait to keep exploring and finding new places! So far everything is great! I made it here without a scratch, I have a place to live with great girls, my program is all ready to go and school starts on Monday! This weekend is going to really fun and hopefully no rain! Cheers!!!

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