Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chelsea and Simba Take London Part 2

So the rest of the afternoon we just spend wandering around London. My mom and I weren't really in a tourist mood because she has already been to London and I have been doing a lot of sightseeing so we just spent the rest of the afternoon popping in and out of shops and dodging black taxi's! 

First on our stop was this World War II memorial. I am not quite sure where it is exactly but it was on our way to Harrods from Piccadilly Circus. The statues are representative of fallen airmen during WWII. The statues themselves are quite remarkable because of the great detail that are carved into each of them. 

My dad would have really liked to see this. 

And hey who doesn't like a good WWII memorial! Especially since coming from the States where the only real battle field was Pearl Harbor, here in England signs of the war are everywhere. 

Hello boys!

Whatcha lookin at? 

Booty shot! 

Next stop was Harrods! I had not been in the famous department store until now and I am still mixed about how I feel about it. I really liked it but I think I need to go back on another day, since we went on a Saturday it was probably the busiest it was going to be all week. So I will be heading back soon to get a second opinion. The food hauls were amazing and I could have lived in the beauty haul! My mom got some coffee since she was very jet-lagged and the man making them put this on top of her foam! He had a really steady hand obviously!

After Harrods we jumped on the tube and my mom really wanted to take a picture together so here we are! We headed back to my flat because my mom wanted to see where I live/she wanted to see what her money is getting her London hehe. 

Here she is being sneaky and taking a picture of me on my street! 

Last but not least we got dinner. Now I have been to this yummy Italian restaurant before. It is no more than a 10 minute walk from my flat but not only is the food beyond delicious it is also famous for having a royal visit often...

Princess Diana! When she lived in Kensington Palace, which is also in my area since I live in the posh Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Princess Di would often be spotted eating here. They even have a pizza named after her! I had the best weekend with my mom and can't wait to spend this weekend with her and my dad in Paris! Until next time, cheers! 

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