Sunday, September 8, 2013

Chelsea and Simba Take London

My mom is here!!!! She came at the last minute for business which was such a blessing because I really wanted to experience London with her! She has been here before and I have not so we did not do any of the normal tourist things and something neither of us had done was have afternoon tea! So naturally we decided to book tea at Fortum and Mason. A store that has been around since 1707! We had tea on the top floor at the Diamond Jubilee Tea room that was dedicated to the Queen herself last February!

Afternoon tea is such a British thing and the Brits have it down! 

Now I understand why the Revolution was started over tea tax. The food was AMAZING! I am drooling now just thinking of it. The scones were so fluffy and perfect, the finger sandwich's were so great we ordered more! Of course the pastries were to die for! I had strawberry black tea which was very refreshing and just what I needed. It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon and we were both so full afterwards you could have rolled us down the street! After tea we explored the rest of Fortum and Mason. The ground level is full of teas, biscuits and such and the rest of the levels are full of cloths, beauty, menswear etc. but on the third floor the Christmas shop was open! 

It felt like December and now I cannot wait until Christmas! The store itself is quite beautiful and feels as though you have stepped into another world when you walk in the doors. Almost a victorian style and it was nice to get away from the modern hustle and bustle of London for a couple of hours. 

I took way to many pictures so I will post the rest of the afternoon tomorrow! Cheers!!

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