Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Her Majesty the Queen

Since it is the end of  September most of the historical houses or estates in England are closing for maintenance and for the residents to return to their homes. So we squeezed in going to Buckingham Palace so visit the Queen! Ok so she wasn't really there, she is on Holiday in Scotland until the end of September but we did get to see the state rooms which was really cool. They also had a coronation exhibition where they had the Queen's coronation dress and robes available to see as well as other gowns and robes that were worn that day. Unfortunately we were not able to take pictures inside the palace but I did snap a few outside! 

Sara and I after the tour. 

The back of the palace leading to the gardens. There are 38 acres of royal gardens by the way. 

Pretty right?

In front of the palace. 

The gang! Sara, me, Caitlin M., Caitlin W. only missing Natalie. 

Chris and his ladies!

Hi Caitlin!

The tour was totally worth it and I contributed to the upkeep of the palace so that is cool I guess. Cheers! 

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