Sunday, September 15, 2013

Let them eat cake!

I'm in Paris!!! Not only that but I am in Paris with my parents!! While I enjoy traveling with my friends I am not gonna lie it is very very nice to travel with my parents. Stay in a hotel, eat, drink and be merry! What else could a girl ask for?! My mom and I arrived late friday evening but saturday I finally got to visit the one place I was dying to see if I ever got to Paris! Versailles!!! 

Mom and I at Versailles!!

Hi Daddy!!

All we are missing is my younger brother. 

Royal Chapel because apparently the chateau was lacking one...

A model of the chateau.  

A model of the opera house because every castle needs an opera house right?

King Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette with their children. 

I had to take a picture of this because my mom does not like monkeys and we were just so confused why the monkey is riding the goat.

A scale model of the entire estate of Versailles, including all the gardens. Wow. 

Marie-Antoinette and her children. 

My dad looks so small compared to this door!

The famous hall of mirrors!!



My lovely parents!

Isn't it gorgeous!? 

The Kings bedroom. Not to shabby. 

The queens bedroom that was renovated for the last time when Marie-Antoinette slept here. 

I wouldn't mind sleeping here! 

Hello Marie!

Where the King and Queen dined and people used to watch them while they ate...weird right?

Fun fact: there was a baby in the bassinet but the child died young so the painter later painted over it to not include the child. 

Josephine being crowned Empress of France while her husband and Emperor Napoleon sits and watches. 

Hello Napoleon! 

This is the eldest daughter of King Louis XIV. She was the only one of his daughters to marry and she was wed off to Spain. I loved her dress so that is why I took the picture hehehe.

These are the private apartments of two of King Louis XIV daughters. They were beautiful. 

And that was Versailles! Sorry for all the pictures I was just so excited to be here! I am obsessed with royalty but particularly I love Marie-Antoinette except for the whole spending to much money and be-heading thing. After Versailles we grabbed lunch and headed for the Champs Elysees.

I have finally seen the Eiffel Tower in person!!!! 

I totally squealed when I saw it!!

And I like it better when it lights up at night...for the record it is pretty during the day to. 

View of the tower from dinner. 

Side note: my last name is actually french so everyone pronounces it correctly here! Anyone who has grown up with me will know that everyone butchers my last name but I was presently surprised to have people say it correctly! I'm sure it also helps that my last name is also a town in France. So maybe I am somehow royal since my last name has its town, right?! Cheers! 

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