Monday, September 30, 2013

One month down

I have officially been here for just over a month! So far I am not homesick yet and loving it! I was so nervous to come here that I would say I was border line scared right before I left only because it is across an ocean and I was going somewhere completely different...but I can honestly say I love London and I do not know how I am ever going to want to leave. My favorite thing hands down in the tube. The tube is just the best thing ever! I can get around the city seamlessly and be anywhere within 30 minutes at the most! I of course have found my favorite breakfast, pizza and burger places. 

I walk everywhere so its ok to eat right? Maybe? Probably not...
I made a list of things I wanted to try and accomplish before I came here. It is on my blog under 95 things. So far I have completed 23 things on my list! 

As well as done so many other things I never thought I would get the chance to do! One month down two more to go, who know what kind of adventures will be around the corner! Cheers! 

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