Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cambridge days

On sunday Lindsay and I were trying to figure out what to do with her last day here. She had already been to London with her family before school started and therefore had already seen the main London sights. So we decided to do a little adventuring in the rest of the country and set off for Cambridge. 

As you can see it is gorgeous of course! We arrived off the train after the rain had passed so the whole town was shining with rain drops as well as the leaves changing colors. It was a picturesque day and a great way to spend our Sunday. We walked around the town, saw some of the building that made up the actual university, bought matching sweatshirts, grabbed some lunch and hopped back on the train to London. It was such a relaxing afternoon and it was nice to get out of London for a couple of hours. I will be visiting Lindsay in Dublin very soon so watch out for that! I also will be going to Italy over my fall break so any suggestions on what I should do, see, eat or buy please don't hold back! Cheers!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

An Afternoon with Harry

I finally finally finally made it Harry Potter Studios in London! Lindsay came to spend the weekend with me in London town and since we are both avid Harry Potter fans we decided to make the trip outside the city to take the tour. I might have been jumping for joy when I even saw the bus to take us the Making of Harry Potter Studios. So here we go. If you are not a Harry Potter fan you might as well click away because this is going to be all about the amazing seven books and eight movies that made up part of my childhood. WARNING: if you have never been to the tour before and wish not to see the pictures before going do not proceed. EXTRA WARNING: if you have never seen or read any of the Harry Potter series, which I highly recommend you doing, do not read ahead. 

Of course Harry's cupboard under the stairs greeted us first. Which makes since because this is where the series started. 

And this is where I jumped for joy and squealed when I saw the doors leading into the Great Hall. Lindsay pretended she didn't know me...

My house of Slytherin. Yes I am Slytherin whatcha gonna do about it?  

Of course Gryffindor! With Daniel Radcliffe's original house robes from the first movie on the far right! 

Hogwarts professors. 

There is Professor McGongall, Dumbledore and of course Snape. Fun fact Snape's costume never changed in all of the movies. They only added different lengths to his cape if he wanted to make a more dramatic exit but his attire was always the same in all eight films. 

The yule ball costumes. 

Hair and makeup. Lots of hair, lots of makeup but pretty cool to see it how every actor was transformed into character. 

Gryffindor boys common room. 

Wands for all the major characters. 

The Fat Lady!

The christmas sweaters that Harry and Ron wore in the first movie! 

Gryffindor common room!

The cloack of invisibility as well as different costumes used in the third movie. 

Costumes worn by Sirius Black, Tonks and Professor Lupin. 

Costumes worn by Hermione, Harry and Ron in the seventh and eighth movie. 

Entrance into Dumbeldore's office 

Inside his office. 

Selfies in the Mirror of Erised!

Potions room. 

Door to the Chamber of Secrets. 

Hagrid's house. 

Weasley's kitchen. 

Brooms on brooms on brooms! 

Quoditch anyone?!

Umbridges office. Lots of lots of pink!

Ministry of Magic. 

Hello Malfo family. 

Bellatrix herself. 

And of course the dark lord, he who shall not be named, Lord Voldermort.

Tapestry of the Black family. 

The knight bus!

Up, up and away!


Flying car!!! 

Someone is a little excited to be in the flying car!

Tom Riddle's grave. 

Where it all started...Privet Drive. 

Sorry Lindsay...

The Potter house in Godric's Hollow. 

Hogwart's bridge. 

Wizards chess!

Hello your majesty. 

Lindsay on the Knight bus!


Lindsay loves buckbeat!

Also he started moving while I was taking this picture and I totally screamed and jumped back. People laughed...

Diagon Alley. 


Where everyone gets their wands...Ollivanders. 

This is where all the creative architects drew out all the sets before creating them for the sets. 

It's amazing how much they look just like the sketches. Now for the main event...


Still a little sad that I do not attend school here. 

The boat house where Harry and Snape finally understand each other. 

Every person that worked on the movie, whether they were an actor, producer, director, stuntman, set design, hair and makeup etc. they each have a name on a wand box. Which is so cool. They even have Robert Pattinson even though he is a trader and went to the dark side with Twilight. 

I finally got to try butter beer! So Lindsay took pictures of me trying it for the first time and this is my reaction. 

First sip. 


Its good! Haha thanks Lindsay for capturing these epic moments!

I loved this tour and totally recommend going. I even want to go back! You really are transported into the world of Harry Potter and it was amazing to be in the wizarding world for an afternoon. Cheers!