Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Amsterdam Adventures

I am not entirely sure what I was expecting when I booked a weekend in Amsterdam but I was not expecting it to be such a cute city! 

The city has canals running throughout which I must have missed in geography class. This just adds to the charm of the city, we bought a 24 pass for a hop on hop off river boat tour and it was one the best decisions of the weekend! We were able to get to everywhere we wanted by the boats plus it was more scenic I think. I also had no idea how much of bike population was in Amsterdam. They are literally everywhere! Instead of car parks they have bike parks! They line all the canals, the streets and drive with moving traffic. I was especially impressed with the man who was not only riding his bike but also pulling is rolling suitcase behind him at the same time! The first day there, we just wondered around and of course found the famous 'I Amsterdam' sign.

Sara, Amanda and I.

Hi Sara!

Natalie, Caitlin M., Sara.

Natalie, Caitlin W., Caitlin M., Sara

Amanda and I. 

Natalie and Sara got ahold of my camera so this happened!

The whole gang! Amanda, me, Natalie, Caitlin W., Caitlin M., Sara

After our little photo shoot we made our way over to the Heineken Experience, which was really cool!  

This used to be one of the compartments that held the beer while it brewed. 

Caitlin and Caitlin. 

Natalie and I. 

We didn't even plan that!

Sara and Amanda. 

These are all the ingredients that go into the beer. 

I got so Natalie gave me a boost so I could have some Heineken. Apparently I am really heavy...


No idea why they have horses but they do! 

Thank you dad for teaching me how to properly pour a glass of beer I was very prepared. 

Caitlin W. 

Sara, Natalie, Amanda

Sara, Amanda, Natalie, Caitlin W., Caitlin M

We are a strange gang! 

Amanda, Sara, me

Our tour included two beers at the end and I really liked it! I had never had Heineken before and the whole experience plus the beer was really fun! Later in the evening we went to the Red Light District. I have no pictures for two reason: first, it is illegal to take pictures. second, if you want to see it that badly fly yourself to Amsterdam and go look for yourself. That is all I will say about that. 

The next day we just wondered around the city some more. Roaming down streets, in and out of shops, tasting different foods and eventually we made it to the Anne Frank House. I have no pictures in side the Annex because the tour doesn't allow it and also it is something you really should experience for yourself. I will say that it was incredibly moving to see where Anne, her family and friends hid during WWII from Nazi Germany SS officers. I really enjoyed the tour and I hope to get to a concentration camp before I leave Europe. I did snap a picture of the outside of her house. 

The actual Annex section of the building is hidden from view, since Mr. Frank did not want them to be discovered but this is the front of his office building where he was the manager of business until he went into hiding and on the right of the main brick building the rest of museum. I highly recommend visiting. The way it has been reconstructed is brilliant and really takes you through daily life in hiding and how Anne and the others felt during that time. 

The rest of the day we did a little bit of souvenir shopping. I loved Amsterdam and I was completely surprised how much I fell in love with the city. Cheers! 

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  1. Ahh this looks so fun! I hope I can get to Amsterdam!