Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Birthdays and Brussels

This past weekend my partner in crime and room mate last year, Lindsay, went to Brussels for her birthday! We had talked about going somewhere for her birthday last spring and she finally settled on Brussels so off we went to the land of chocolate and beer. This is going to sound bad but Brussels was actually really boring! I know I know poor me I am jet setting off to Brussels for the weekend and I am bored. Maybe boring is the wrong word but it is the kind of city that you can see in one day. Don't get me wrong it was beautiful. Just look for yourself. 

We did not get a chance to explore the main square of Brussels, Grand-Palace because there was a concert going on the night we arrived and the whole area was completely blocked off. So we settled on dinner and then found waffles which were so freaking good! Totally worth standing in line for. 

The next day we did not want to spend in Brussels so we debated on where we should go and Lindsay suggested we hop on the train to Luxembourg. Which is only 3 hours away by train and I am so happy we did!


Isn't it so pretty and green! It looked like this every where, so picture perfect!

Hi birthday girl!

Sorry Lindsay I just had to...

This is the main cathedral in Luxembourg. By the way it is small country but it does have royalty. It also is famous for being part of the Battle of the Bulge which we did not have time to do visit. 

Not entirely sure what this building is used for but it had an armed guard outside so I am sure it is very important. 

Crest of the royal family. 

Lindsay and I after our matching Longchamp purchases! I mean when you see a Longchamp store you have to go in, right?

I have never had fondu before. So we saw a fondu restauarnt and Lindsay insisted we have that for lunch so I could experience it. It was very yummy, a little over priced for some melted cheese and chocolate, but still really good. Plus it was her birthday weekend so its ok to splurge a little. 

Another church that was dedicated to the Grand-Duchess of Luxembourg. 

Aren't we so cute! Luxembourg was so cute and I would not mind owning a flat there. Life there would not suck at all. 

Smallest bus I have ever seen. 

So we finally were able to go into the Grand-Palace when we returned to Brussels that night and it was worth the wait. 

 It was gorgeous and I preferred it at night than in the day because all the buildings were light up and everything is just better when it is illuminated in light. 

On our walk to breakfast our last day in Brussels we came across the gates to the back of the Palace. 

See this is the Grand-Palace during the day and yes it is beautiful and the architecture is still amazing but I like night time better. 

Of course we could not leave Brussels without trying Belgium beer! So we went to Little Delirium right off Grand-Palace. Delirium is known for having the most beer on tap in all of Europe I believe. So we split a taste tester and the beer was very good and I normally do not like beer. We said cheers to Lindsay's birthday and cheers to Brussels and returned to our respective islands. Cheers! 

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