Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cambridge days

On sunday Lindsay and I were trying to figure out what to do with her last day here. She had already been to London with her family before school started and therefore had already seen the main London sights. So we decided to do a little adventuring in the rest of the country and set off for Cambridge. 

As you can see it is gorgeous of course! We arrived off the train after the rain had passed so the whole town was shining with rain drops as well as the leaves changing colors. It was a picturesque day and a great way to spend our Sunday. We walked around the town, saw some of the building that made up the actual university, bought matching sweatshirts, grabbed some lunch and hopped back on the train to London. It was such a relaxing afternoon and it was nice to get out of London for a couple of hours. I will be visiting Lindsay in Dublin very soon so watch out for that! I also will be going to Italy over my fall break so any suggestions on what I should do, see, eat or buy please don't hold back! Cheers!

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