Monday, October 14, 2013

The Interviews

This week has been busy! It started with going to an event hosted by Apple in Oxford Circus for Downton Abbey! The event was free, which was great, but the best part was the event was a panel question and answer situation with Joanne Froggatt aka Anna Bates, and Ed Speleers aka Jimmy Kent! It was amazing! One of my flat mates and I went and neither of us regretted it! 

The host asked both actors different questions about the show, which I will not be sharing since it has not aired in the States yet, sorry mom. They also showed different clips from the upcoming episodes and then opened the floor for audience questions...and I asked a question! My questions were for both Joanne and Ed, I asked: What is it like working with Maggie Smith? As I am a huge Harry Potter fan I love Maggie Smith and I equally love her in Downton Abbey. Joanne responded that she only had one scene with her out of the entire series but that she is brilliant! Ed however had more to say. Since he is a footman he not only is downstairs but he also is upstairs during the dinner scenes serving the residents and guests at Downton. He said that he himself is like an audience member during those scences because he mostly stands back and watches the actors interact during dinner and to watch Maggie Smith is like watching a master class he said. They both agreed she is a brilliant actress and someone they both learn from. So happy I asked! Also Ed is very handsome in person and Joanne is beautiful and both were very nice as well as funny. The rest of my week was filled with classes and I also had an interview with my internship which went great and I start after our fall break!

If any of you know my mother you would know that she of course wanted to see my in my interview attire so here I am. One of my flat mates was taking the pictures and insisted I make a fool out of myself with a little photo shoot or maybe I just wanted to be silly who knows! My friend Lindsay came to visit me in London this weekend so stay tuned for a post on that! Cheers! 

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