Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Arthur and the Long Table

Our second day in Edinburgh was full of walking well more hiking than walking. We decided that today was the day we would climb to the top of Arthur's seat. For those of you who do not know Arthur's Seat is one of the highest points in Edinburgh and has amazing views. You can even see Denmark from the top if you look in the right direction. 

As you see the weather was typical to the UK, rainy and overcast but we still cracked on! 

Sara not so happy we were hiking. 

Gorgeous so far right? Now we were told by several people that this would be a fairly easy hike. They lied. It was not easy at all. Not only was it up hill which we expected but it was muddy which made it difficult to not slip and slide when taking steps. It also was very rocky and more like rock climbing almost. 

Almost to the top!

And it started raining! Yay. 

I made it to the top! It was definatley worth it! The views are incredible and something that I am very happy I did plus it was a good workout that I did not expect to have! 

This was a little plaque that tells what is in which direction! 

 After Arthur's Seat we took another nap. This is the most I have napped on weekend trip whilst being abroad. After working out we thought we would reward ourselves with a yummy dinner and we went big! Well not that big but still it was an amazing dinner by far one of the best I have had since I have been abroad. A friend of mine mentioned this restaurant, The Gardner's Cottage. It a cottage in the middle of a garden, duh. Anyway all the food is fresh and most of the herbs are from the garden. The menu is preset and it includes 6 courses. That's right ladies and gentlemen, 6 courses. 

It is safe to say someone had to roll me out of the restaurant after dinner. It was so good and every chef's dream since the menu is preset with a few adjustments based on allergies. It was such a fun experience because the setting was so intimate. You sit at long tables with people you do not know but the cool thing is you get to see what food is coming next! All of it was delicious. Edinburgh is killing it with the food! Cheers! 

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