Sunday, November 24, 2013

Castles, Rocks, and Pools

This saturday I did a day tour to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath. I really wanted to go to Windsor Castle and Bath so I thought why not plus I got to go to Stonehenge in the process. Our day started early but I am so happy I did it! First stop Windsor Castle! 

The gold standard was up...the Queen was in residence! 

Your not allowed to take pictures inside the State Apartments for obvious reasons but they were beautiful. I can see why the Queen uses this palace as her weekend escape. 

The changing of the guard happened to be going on while I was visiting! 


Because when your at Stonehenge you have to take a jumping picture right? 

 Stonehenge was very cool but lets me honest it was a bunch of rocks. It is impressive that they are standing like this and 1/3 of the rock is underground but still...its rocks. Last but not least we went to the Roman Bath's in Bath! 


The Roman Bath's was my favorite part of the tour. It was beautiful and also amazing the amazing technology that the Romans achieved while they were in England. It was incredible and I just wanted to jump into the pools myself! I know I didn't write this much for the post but I am currently watching The Holiday and it is distracting me as well as the pictures speak for themselves! Enjoy! Cheers! 

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