Tuesday, November 12, 2013


This is it my last post about Fall Holiday! I made it! Woo! Anyway, after spending a wonderful day in Dublin we woke up super early and got a tour bus and made our way to Connemara. Now in the mist of this, a huge storm, the first biggest storm of the season rolled in but it didn't ruin our plans to terribly just in the morning when our tour bus was swaying from side to side from the strong winds. Anyway, Connemara is more of a large area than actual town, or at least that is how I understood it. I might be wrong...it is across the country and I had no idea what our day had in store. Lindsay wanted to go so I bought the ticket no questions asked when she easily could have been leading me to my death but since I am such an easy traveler I just went with it. Ok ok  I did look at the website briefly before buying the ticket and it looked cool but I did not know the particulars. The day was wonderful! 

After driving for a while and seeing the beautiful scenery, we made our way to Kylemore Abbey. The Abbey was built by a british men who could only express his love to his wife by building this beautiful castle. I need to find a man who will do that for me. The castle was complete with turkish baths, tennis courts, green houses and many other comforts that the owners could enjoy in the late 18th century. Unfortunately the wife died nine years after the completion of the castle but her husband built a chapel on the grounds as well as a mausoleum that he was later buried in. We also stopped for lunch here and it was very yummy all of the food came from the garden that day.  

The abbey used to be a boarding school for girls that were run by Nuns. The school has closed but the Nuns still reside in the abbey. They maintain the beautiful gardens as well the grounds of the estate. After the abbey we continued our scenic journey. 

It was freezing! And windy. 

Hi Lindsay. She literally hates me for putting pictures up of her hehe but she took all of the beautiful pictures seen in this blog. I did not bring my camera like an idiot because it was cold and rainy so I didn't want to lug it around. So I kindly asked Lindsay to lend me her's and she did so thank you! 

We ran into a sheep farmer on the road with his sheep! We saw sheep literally everywhere that day. Our last stop was Galway which I was so happy I was able to see because it was such a nice town.

Of course we could not go to Galway and not purchase Claddagh rings. Thomas Dillion's has been open for three generations and the nice lady who worked in the shop let us in after they had closed to pick our rings. She is also married to one of the son's of the original family who owned the store. It was such a cool experience to have an authentic ring from the city they originated from, and its cute! I had a great time in Ireland and overall my fall holiday was beyond amazing and exceeded all my expectations. It is something I will remember for the rest of my life. Cheers!

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