Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Florence in a day

After our Rome adventures, we made our way north to the lovely city of Florence. Now Florence was much more my speed. While I loved Rome and there was so much to see and do, I always felt very rushed and never had a chance to catch my breath. Florence was very different, life was slower and I also got a truer sense of Italian life because of the less tourist nature of the city. Don't get me wrong there are many great sights to see in Florence. 

First stop was the Duomo! It was a gorgeous church but I also have never met an Italian church that I didn't like. 

Lit a couple candles for some special people in my life. 

Next was a walk around Florence where stopped by this beautiful square that I cannot remember the name of. 

Hi David! This is not the real David by Michelangelo it is a copy. The real David is in a muesum in Florence that I went to earlier that day and even though this David is very impressive go see the real man, he truly is a work of art. 

Also this David was in Piazza della Signoria and there were lots of other sculptures around for our viewing pleasure. 

I am taking FULL photo credit for this picture! Isn't it beautiful! 

After walking across the Ponte Vecchio we had the yummiest pizza I had ever had out of all of Italy! It was a family owned pizzeria that was very small, that we got our pizza's to go and ate it outside in the nearby piazza. You can't get more Italian than that...

And then some wine. You can't have pizza without red wine, right?

Who would have ever thought I would find a Texas licensee plate in Florence, Italy of all places?! I really loved Italy! My only regret was not spending more than a day in Florence. I am so happy I had the chance to travel here as part of my fall break. It was incredible and everything I imagined it to be and more. I only hope I can come back one day soon to explore more of the country that gave me great pizza, lots of gelato, and delicious wine. Cheers! 


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    I must say that I love your blog, it's amazing that you can see all of these places. 95 things list is wonderful! :)

    You probably have million views from Estonia, since I've been going through your blog. :D

    1. Thank you so much! I have been looking through all your posts as well! Im hoping to keep blogging after I finish my semester abroad!