Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Luck of the Irish

After my wonderful Italian adventure I boarded a plane and flew back to the weather I was used to. Gone was the sun, gone was the warmth and back to the rain and the cold. Welcome to Ireland. 

Now I realize I was a little dramatic before but isn't Dublin absolutely gorgeous! The last leg of my fall holiday was spent with my friend Lindsay. I have mentioned Lindsay a zillion times on here already. She is studying abroad in Dublin for the semester and she had already been to visit me in London so it was my turn to see her! So she showed me around Dublin for the day! First off we walked through this beautiful park and then headed to Trinity University to see The Book of Kells. 

You cannot actually take pictures of The Book of Kells but it is astonishing how old it is and how well preserved it is. This library is famous on Pinterest as well as for the University itself as well it should be. It literally looks like it should be in Harry Potter. I love it. If I studied...or rather the times I am forced to study, I wish I could do it here. 

After Trinity we made our way to Arthur Guinness's factory. Because you cannot go to Dublin and not tour the Guinness factory. 

Hi Lindsay!

So as part of the tour you have the option to either go up to the top floor and get two pints of Guinness or do the pouring academy on a lower floor and only get one pint of Guinness. We opted to do the pouring academy. So here we are pouring our Guinness looking very serious. It is very serious business. 

There it is! I think it looks pretty good if I do say so myself and I do since I poured it! 

Lindsay and I after we successful graduated from the pouring academy. 

She will kill me for this picture...sorry Lindsay. 

We made it up to the top floor of the Guinness Factory and you can see a panoramic view of the entire city. It was beautiful and also happened to be sunset which just made it even more spectacular. 

Our day in Dublin was great! It is always fun to get into some trouble with Lindsay and it was nice to have someone show me around who knows the city. Cheers! 

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