Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kilts and Kold

I finally made it to Scotland! Since Scotland is very close to where I am in London, it makes sense that I should visit right? So off I went to Edinburgh for the weekend! I knew Edinburgh would be fun but I had no idea that I would love it as much as I did! We got there pretty early on Friday morning so we decided to grab a quick lunch at this yummy pulled pork sandwich place, which was beyond good! By the way it is freezing in Edinburgh. 

It might not look like much but trust me it was delicious. During lunch we made friends with the man sitting next to us, Jamie. He was a really nice guy who had just moved back to Edinburgh after teaching for six years in Japan. He took the liberty of showing us around the area. This is when I confirmed that Scottish people are so friendly and I never want to leave. Anyway he took us to the famous Greyfriars Bobby. Long story short this man had this dog that he loved and when the man passed away the dog would sit at his grave. He loved his owner so much it was hard to be parted from him...isn't that the cutest story ever! So there is a pub with the name as well as a statue of the dog and if you rub his nose and make a wish it is supposed to be good luck so of course we did! 

We thanked Jamie and parted ways and happened to stumble upon The Elephant House cafe which is where J.K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book! I am a hugh HP fan so of course I made Sara stop with me so I could have a photo shoot in front of the cafe! 

Oh but it gets better! Inside the cafe, if you go into the bathroom fans have written all over the walls. Favorite quotes and thank you's to J.K. Rowling. It was such a cool thing to see. Harry Potter is a very big part of my childhood and seeing where it all started was very cool and I can just hear my friends from high school saying how much I hate me that I have been! But I also went to the grave yard she used to walk through so stay tuned for that! 

After The Elephant Cafe we made our way to the Scottish Whiskey Experience. It was actually pretty cool. Since I had already toured Heineken and Guinness I was expecting something similar but actually it was very different. I won't give to much away but there is a ride involved and of course a tasting at the end. It is safe to say I do not like Scottish Whiskey...

We made our way back to our hotel and took a nap since we were both very tired from our early start. Eventually we made our way to dinner which true to form was very yummy. We had a traditional Scottish dinner with mussels and steak which were both very well done. Probably one of the best dinners I have had since being abroad. 

We settled ourselves into a pub where we made friends with some nice guys who explained rudgy to us since apparently a very big rudgby elite tournament was going on in Edinburgh that weekend. I'm sure we looked like two lost American girls but they were very kind to explain the rules to us. 

Don't worry Sara and I get into more trouble tomorrow so stay tuned! Cheers! 

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