Sunday, November 3, 2013

This is what dreams are made of

Our second day in Rome was jammed back with sight seeing. We woke up early and headed down to the Vatican. Even if you are not Catholic I still suggest going to see the Vatican. It is beyond beautiful and many famous artists work is everyone within Vatican City. We choose to do the guided tour through the Vatican and I am so happy that we did. Not only was our tour guide very sassy he also had a lot information about pretty much everything. Even back stories behind small details. He was great and I would have been lost without him and had no idea what I was looking at during our tour. Plus he told me I was a good hair day, which I have to admit I was. 

Beautiful painting by Michelangelo. 

Gardens before the Sistine Chapel. 

Obviously you are not allowed to take pictures inside the Sistine Chapel. I do not know exactly what I was expecting walking into the chapel but I was blown away. It was beyond breathtaking and I personally like the Last Judgement on the wall right when you walk into the chapel. The ceiling of course was beautiful and incredible piece of work. It hurt my neck just standing there and looking up for 15 minutes so I can't even image how Michelangelo did it for about 10 years. I can now say I have been to Rome and stared at the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. That still blows my mind. It always was very surreal being a room where the next pope is decided upon. Of course it is bare of furniture to make room for all the tourist but still you can feel instantly that this is a very important part of the church. 

This was my favorite piece of artwork besides the Sistine Chapel. It is the Pieta by Michelangelo. 

Pope John Paul II alter inside the Vatican. 

The most interesting thing about the Vatican is the that Michelangelo and Bernini play a trick on your eyes. So everything, the alter pieces, statues, etc., all look proportionate to where they are situated but in reality most of it is much larger than you think. For example The golden rays in the back of the picture alone are more than 9 feet across and 12 feet high but it does not look that large. The Vatican is also the largest church in the world. 

See I was having a good hair day! Don't worry I will example the reason for all the chairs in front of the Vatican but you will have to come back here tomorrow and find out! After the Vatican we wondered around and made our way to the...

Trevi Fountain!  

I made multiple wishes for different things and also I could get the perfect photo...I definitely had my own Lizze McGuire moment but no hot Italian pop singer thought I was identical to his singing partner so maybe next time?!

Amanda and I at the fountain. We found a lovely American couple that offered to take our picture if we took ours because I quickly learned don't ask anyone to help you that is Italian unless you want to pay them for it. We headed back to our hotel, regrouped and then went to a yummy dinner. I rarely took pictures of food while I was in Rome because I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture before we ate and also it was just so good that I didn't have time to stop and take a picture...ain't nobody got time for that! 

Now I had my fair share of gelato while I was in Italy but this was by far my favorite place. It was right down the street from the Trevi Fountain and they put chocolate on your gelato! I know! As if having yummy gelato is not enough they can put chocolate on top of it! Huge game changer and gelato will never be the same for me again. 

On our walk home we walked through this beautiful square. 

Hello Pantheon! Don't worry I will be back soon!

Trevi Fountain at night. So pretty!

Our first full day in Rome was great and very jam packed! I also justified all the pasta, pizza, and gelato I ate by the fact that we walked over 10 miles each day in Italy! So it all balances out right? Cheers! 

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