Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Globe

Our study abroad program plans a few field trips for us through different classes. I have previously been to the Houses of Parliament through my british life and cultures class and again we are on another field trip. This time to Shakespeare Globe. 

Technically it is not the original theater, that burned down during the great fire of London. This is the third structure built to resemble what the original looked like, based on historical references. 

The theater is very impressive. They still hold performances there during the warmer months of the year. It was really cool to get away from the classroom and have class at a sightseeing attraction. Like everything I have seen in London it is very impressive. It was a very interesting experience. You are in London, modern London and then you are transported back to the Elizabethan era of London. The roof is made of thatch and is the only one in London like it. The seats are wooden and the floor is cement. It truly is stepping back in time while still being in the present. You never know where you will end up in London. Cheers! 

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