Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tired tourist

After being gone for so long it was very very nice to be back in London. I missed this city. There is something very nice about returning to a place you have called home for the past 3 months. And I must say I might have missed the rain just a little bit. Upon arrival, our airplane was met with a big storm that rendered all public transportation useless for the day. I was tired and ready to be back in my flat but mother nature had other plans. I spent the next 4 hours stuck in an airport trying to get on a bus to make my way back to central London. Eventually I make it back exhausted and even more frustrated that London completely shut down all for some wind and rain. But this was all ok because later that evening I was going to another question and answer panel for Downton Abbey. I had previously attended one of these events that Apple puts on but this time it was Lady Mary and Branson that would be attendance. After getting there early, or I thought it was early, I stood towards the back of the seats and waited for the event to began. 

It was great! Totally made up for my miserable travel day. Branson is hilarious in real life or the actor Allen Leech. Lady Mary or Michelle Dockery is beautiful and very friendly. It was great! Afterwards the girls I went to the event with suggested we go and wait for them around the side door. Apparently at the last event the actors came out and greeted fans. So we patiently waited in the cold and...

Yes I look terrible but I had no idea I would be taking pictures plus remember the horrible travel day I had it's ok if I look terrible, right? My mother of course was jealous, so were my friends but I think I deserved this great moment after the awful day I had. It was a bad day that turned into a good one but I guess that's just how things go. The worst days can turn into the best ones, you never know what is going to happen when you get up in the morning. Cheers! 

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