Wednesday, December 4, 2013

And then there was one

I finally made it to Vienna! I have been dreaming of going here ever since my parents went when I was in middle school. Every time I have brought up Vienna to anyone who has been there they have all said it is the best city...and they did not disappoint. So clearly it was the perfect place for me to celebrate my birthday weekend. We arrived on Friday and got right down to sight seeing. 

First stop was Shönbrunn Palace. It was the imperial families summer palace. Even though it was not summer time it was still gorgeous! 

His Empress Siss...I think you might need a trim...just a thought. 

Hi Lindsay!

I decided that since I was in a ballroom you should dance. I mean that's what you do in ballrooms! 

Lindsay decided to capture my entire little dancing performance. So thank you for that Lindsay! 

Hi Sara! She is the next Empress of Austria! 

Sara, me and Lindsay. 

I would not mind living here in the summer or any time of year for that fact. 

If you can't tell we are a little excited that we are in Vienna!!! After we toured the palace and explored the gardens a little bit we decided it was finally time to visit the Christmas Market in front of the palace. It was our first but not our last Christmas Market. 

The coolest thing about the Christmas Markets, besides the food, ornaments, gifts, and other fun goodies is that each market has different mugs. Instead of getting whatever drink you fancy in a plastic cup you get them in these really nice mugs. You pay a 'deposit' on the mug then you can walk around with it while you enjoy your drink. You have the option to return the mug and get some money back from the deposit OR you can keep it! Which is what we did but don't worry I only collected a couple if I had my way though I would have kept all the mugs...but I am limited on space in my suitcases as it is. 

 Aren't the ornaments just gorgeous! Ugh I wish I could have bought all of the glass ones but since I don't live in Europe they would be to hard to transport so I just admired from afar. But lets get one thing straight, if I lived anywhere in Europe or could transport these without them breaking I would need to have a dozen Christmas tree's to make all the ornaments I wanted to fit! And is was only the first market we went to...more on Austria soon! Cheers! 

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