Sunday, December 8, 2013

More Mugs

After my lovely birthday and our day in Salzburg it was time to spend a full day in Vienna! Our day started with a visit to the Imperial Palace! 

Lindsay and I decided that I can live in the Imperial Palace and she can live in Shönbrunn Palace so when we get bored we can just visit the other! The Palace itself is stunning like all Austrian Palace's are. We visited the Sissi Muesum which takes you through the life of Empress Elisabeth or 'Sissi' as everyone referred to her. She was quite a woman and that is all I will say. We also were able to tour the Imperial Apartments of Empress Sissi and her husband Emperor Franz Joseph. As you can see the palace and the grounds it sits on are massive and clearly I had to have the larger palace...

After the tour we were quite hungry so we found this cute chocolate cafe and popped in for a bite to eat! 

I finally was able to try Gulasch which was really yummy and the perfect thing to eat on a cold day. 

I have no idea what this is called but it is pancakes filled with cream and it was delicious and supposedly an Austrian delicacy so we ordered it, ate it, and had no shame in doing so. 

Isnt' the cafe so pretty? It was the perfect place to eat after just touring the Imperial Palace. 

Besides the yummy cake there also was a chocolate figure in one of the windows of this women. Or at least I think it was chocolate it might be marzipan. After lunch it was time to visit St. Stephens Cathedral. 

Another beautiful European church! If anyone knows how to build a church it is the Europeans. Every church I have wondered into has been more impressive than the last. With amazing stain glass windows, elaborate chapels, beautiful alter pieces and lots of crypts. 

This is the entrance to St. Stephen's crypt. My dad told me that we had to tour it so we did and I am so happy that we did. It was really cool down there even with all the deal bodies plus it was interesting to learn more about the plague as well as how people buried their dead back then. 

Since I celebrated my actual birthday in Salzburg we wanted to go to a nice dinner for my birthday on Sunday evening. So I found this lovely restaurant called Mini that was perfect! The staff was excellent and the food was divine! I can still taste the duck rigatoni I ordered! After dinner it was off to another Christmas market!

The pretty lights alone made me never want to leave Vienna! 

The christmas market was in between city hall and the opera house! It was the biggest one I have ever been to but not my favorite. Don't get me wrong they had everything and more but it was clearly the largest tourist attracting market. I like more of the local christmas markets where you can tell the people in the booths have made all the items themselves and everyone knows each other.

Still the ornaments were beautiful! 

Lindsay and I. 

More on Vienna tomorrow! Cheers! 

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