Saturday, December 7, 2013


Our final stop on the Sound of Music tour was the church that Maria and Captain Von Trapp were married in! Which was stunning! 

If I remember correctly the churches name is St. Michaels and it was just as grand and beautiful as it was in the movie. There also was a lovely little Christmas market in front of it. 

After we got back from the tour our guide told us of some other Sound of Music sites. So we decided to venture through Salzburg looking for them. We walked through the gardens where Maria and the children sing do re mi. 

Hi Lindsay! 

Next we went to Mozart's birthplace! This is not the original family home, it was bombed during WWII but this is an exact replica of the house. Mozart's father, mother, and older sister lived here for a time. He left this home when he was 17 and moved to Vienna. 

The museum set up today was very cool. We ran out of time to visit his home in Vienna but it was nice to see where he started. 

Our last sight seeing activity of the day was going up to the castle of Salzburg that over looks the city. It is apparently the oldest medieval castle in Europe. It was very cool but the best part were the views. 

And of course there was a Christmas market! I swear they are literally everywhere in Austria...not that I am complaint! 

Let me explain what this is. After touring the castle we came down the hill and went to the large Christmas market in the city of Salzburg which had the coolest mugs! We were wondering around and Lindsay and I kept seeing people walking around with these cones. We knew it couldn't be ice cream because it is just to cold for that trust me. Also the cones were not melting on people. So we went up to a stand and got two to try. They are chocolate covered cones with a kind of marshmallow fluff. It was very good but just way to much sugar and I love sweets but I could not finish it. 

I have also decided that the Europeans really know how to do Christmas. I wish we had something like this in America because even walking around each market really gets you into the Christmas spirit! 

Now it was my 21st birthday after all so I had to have some kind of alcoholic beverage because it would be against the rules not to, right? We stopped in a hotel that our tour guide from the Sound of Music pointed out and ordered a small bottle of champagne! It was the perfect day to end the day and I would not wanted to spend it with anyone else. So thank you Lindsay for helping me have the best birthday! 


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