Monday, December 9, 2013

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen

Our last day in Vienna was bitter sweet! We had been to many Christmas markets and today was the day to final buy something from the markets. Obviously the majority of the markets have beautiful ornaments and I really wanted to buy the gorgeous glass ones but there was no way they would have made it back to America let alone London. But we did find some pretty ornaments that we could take back but I can't show them because 1. I did not take pictures of them and 2. they are gifts for people and I don't want to ruin the surprise! Anyway our favorite market was at the Shönbrunn Palace, or the summer palace! Isn't even more gorgeous during the day! 

After wandering around the palace and Lindsay's photo shoot we stopped for some lunch and then back at the cafe we had eaten yesterday for the yummiest hot chocolate you have every had! And sacher torte, which my mom said I had to try and I will admit it was delicious! 

I just want to say as a disclaimer. Yes, I eat a lot, yes I enjoy every bite of it, no I do not feel guilty about it, but yes I will feel guilty when I get back to the states but until then I will live it up and not care. 

I had the best time in Vienna. It was full of laughs and a great time! It was for sure one of the best places I have been to while abroad. It was the perfect last trip and I wouldn't have wanted to spend my 21st birthday anywhere else...except maybe London or Houston. Cheers! 

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