Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Ritz

I made these reservations ages ago. It was during one of the first weeks I was in London. We had been on a tour bus and the guide stated that an iconic London location was The Ritz and if we had the opportunity to have tea there we should. So I made reservations for three and when December 3rd rolled around the day had finally come. I would have booked the reservation for earlier maybe in September, October, or even November but when we had the option to have tea in December when the parlor room was decorated for Christmas the choice was easy…we would wait. 

And thank goodness we did! The room was absolutely gorgeous and the experience was incredible! We arrived promptly at our reservation time. Handed our coats to the coat check and were seated for tea. The air was full of Christmas cheer! The entire parlor room was decorated with wreaths, a Christmas tree, garland, and even carol singers later in the evening. 

The food was divine. We of course choose the champagne option, because when you are The Ritz you have to have champagne, I am pretty sure that is a rule somewhere. The sandwiches were amazing and by far my favorite part of the tea besides the tea itself. I ordered the Christmas special blend tea. It tasted similar to apple cider but with a more tea like feel if that makes sense. Next were the scones, which were warm and inviting and the clotted cream and jam just made them all the better. The last tier featured an assortment of pastries. Now I know tea does not seem like it would be filling but trust me, it is. Not only did they refill our sandwich plates but later in the evening a lovely waiter came round with a desert cart. To say I was stuffed by the end of tea was an understatement. High tea, if you do it at a good place, is similar to American Thanksgiving. Full of wonderful food and beverages and later after the meal you cannot believe you ate that much and are asking for someone to carry you to the nearest couch. 

Sara and Caitlin! 

The experience was magical. Gone was our stress about finals, or the acknowledgment that we were all exhausted from being in Austria the weekend before. As soon as you stepped into The Ritz you were transported to another world. Almost like a fantasy or an escape from the reality outside into this iconic London atmosphere. The service was impeccable and I would do this again in a heart beat if someone asked me to. All in all the one of the best tea services I have ever had and a great way to celebrate Christmas! Cheers! 

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