Friday, December 6, 2013

The Sound of Music

When you are in Austria, it is difficult to not take the train down to Salzburg and visit the many sights there are. For example the Sound of Music and Mozart's birth place. So we headed down to the wonderful city of Salzburg for a day and let me tell you, it was the best decision we made. 

First things first, we had to get to Salzburg. We took the train down, really early in the morning. It should be against the law to be awake that early but anyway we found a sleeper car. Well really Lindsay found the sleeper car and little did we know when we found the car, that you could recline the seats. So obviously we were very happy when we figured this out. 

There is Lindsay, being our lovely sleep model! After we ate a little bit of breakfast we fell fast asleep to the rhythm of the train. The next thing I know Lindsay is screaming at me to wake up. I thought we were crashing or something terrible was happening but she was just alerting me that it had snowed! 

See! Now being the charming southern girl that I am, I have never seen real snow in person. I have seen hail, sleet, and even what appeared to be snow falling once but never real snow that covered the ground...until now! After we made it to Salzburg we found our way our Sound of Music Tour. 

Our Sound of Music tour was really nice! I have always loved that movie and I am pretty sure the old VHS version got stuck in the VCR and broke it one time. Whoa flashback to VHS days! Anywoo, we got on the bus and our first stop was the Von Trapp house, well sort of. In the movie, there are two Von Trapp houses. The first house or the yellow house which is later was the front of the house as well as the interior but the backyard of the house was shot at this location. All the scenes of the backyard, the lake, and the gazebo were shot on this property. It is now a hotel but our lovely tour guide took us across the lake so we could get a good view. 

Here is the beautiful front Von Trapp family house. It now serves as a music school which is very fitting since the Sound of Music was filmed there.

Our next stop was a beautiful Christmas market that was probably the largest one is Salzburg. You could tell it was mostly populated by locals because it was a bit out of the way but none the less it was beautiful and it made sense to stop here because...

The Sound of Music Pavilion is here! The gazebo or pavilion has been moved three times and now resides here. The gazebo was gifted to the city of Salzburg after the Sound of Music finished filming. Originally the door were open and people could wander in and out but an 80 year old women fell and broke her hip trying to dance like Liesl and Rolfe. So thank you old lady for ruining it for everyone else.

But Lindsay and I were still able to take a picture in front of the gazebo! 

Next we continued to drive into the countryside of Austria on our tour. It was breath taking! 

Doesn't it just look like we stepped into a screensaver? It was beyond cold but totally worth it to be in the snow! 

And then Lindsay made me play in it. Ok she didn't really make me play in it she suggested that I do and I didn't really put up a fight! 

Snow just makes me so happy obviously! 

Hi Lindsay! 

I also may or may not have eaten some snow...but it was on the top and it wasn't yellow! So its fine right? This is where I am going to stop the rest of the post from Salzburg will be soon but the day was so long that I have to break it up! Besides we didn't celebrate my birthday until later that evening! Cheers! 

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