Friday, February 7, 2014

Muslin Cloths

It seems strange to be raving about a wash cloth but here it goes. I love muslin cloths! I stumbled upon these wash cloths through some beauty bloggers that I follow and while I was abroad in London they were a big trend popping up all over in people bathroom's so I decided to give it a go. They are amazing! Because they are so thin they do not hold onto to much water but just enough to get all the cleaner and product off your face. One side is a little rougher than the other so it gives a nice exfoliating component to it. The thing I love about these is that, it makes washing your face less messy. Whenever I wash my face I somehow end up with all the water from my sink on my vanity…maybe I am just a messy face washer but either way wiping the cleaners off with a muslin cloth is not only an easy clean up but it lets you control where you wipe your face. Essentially, you can make sure all the dirt and products are off! I get mine from the body shop but I'm sure other places sell them too! What is your favorite way to take off products? Cheers! 

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