Monday, February 24, 2014

Spray, Powder, Repeat

I am in the oily skin club. It is an interesting membership because you put on your makeup and think you look great after all the application and then suddenly a few hours in, you look in a mirror and half of your makeup has slid off your face! This will just not due. Not to mention the fact that you spent good money on your makeup products but also I do not carry around my entire makeup collection in my purse so I have found some products that help keep my makeup in place. 

First up is the MakeUp Forever HD Microfinish Powder. I got this product in a kit and I love it! The powder is so finely milled that it does not look 'cakey' on the skin at all. Also since it is an HD powder it photographs beautifully! It does not add much coverage since it is a translucent powered but it does help to keep my face matte for hours! I want to try the pressed version soon…

Next is an oldie but goodie: The Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray. I do not even want to know how many bottles of this I have gone through over the years but it really does help keep my make from 'slicking' off my face. I tend to spray it before I apply my foundation and after I apply my foundation but before powder. I will even apply it after all of my makeup is on because it really does help to lock into place. A quick tip: if you spay this on a brush and lighting tap it into your skin it will pinpoint where exactly you want your makeup to set. I also keep it in the fridge during the summer because it is nice to just mist over your face half way through the day to refresh your look. The best part is that it is made by the Skindinavia which are the leaders in makeup setting sprays! So the moral of this story is this stuff works!

Those are just a few products I use to keep my makeup in place. Are you a member of the oily skin club? Cheers! 

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