Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentines Day Nail Polish

Since Valentines Day is on Friday everyone is always thinking about what they are going to do that day or night, what to wear, what makeup, what hair…and so on. But one thing that people might over look is nails! Now I don't know about you but whether I am out with a boy or out with girlfriends I will most likely be using my hands in some way so why not make your hands pop! Nail polish is an easy way to make yourself stand out on V-Day. The lightest nail polish is OPI Bubble Bath, easily the most loved nail polish out of the four since it has some spillage on the outer part of the bottle. This nail polish is a very light pink and makes your finger nails look natural. Next is Essie Off the Shoulder, which is a pretty bubble gum pink color! Bright and fun, its the ultimate pink color without being in your face pink. Then we have Essie Raspberry. By far one of my favorite pink/red colors and one I often wear during the fall and winter. It looks just like the name of fruit it describes…a raspberry. Finally we have your true red. This is Barry M Bright Red and when I think classic red this is what I think of. I absolutely adore this color and was searching for the perfect red nail polish for the longest time until I found this one and my search was over! Which one is your favorite? Cheers! 

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