Monday, April 7, 2014

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter

Its that wonderful time of year where April showers are in full swing, the sun is peeking out from under the clouds and bright colors are back in style! It's also time to bring back the dewy and bright skin, well we all want bright skin year round right? Especially in spring! 

One of my favorite products to use is something that I stumbled across while I was abroad last fall and have been using it ever since! The MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter pen is just that a highlighter pen that also can moonlight as a light coverage concealer. I wear the shade peach lustre, which is the darkest of the color selection, but this pen really does bring instant light to your face! 

I typically apply this underneath my eyes, concentrating the most product closet to my inner eye and applying less as I make my way out to my hair line. When I am really ballsy, I also use this on the side of my nose, my chin, forehead, and down the bridge of my nose, but that's only when I want a lot of highlight. On lazy days (aka most days) I will wear this as a concealer on its own, blend it in and... BAM, beautiful glowing skin! It really is the dummy proof highlighting product, especially if you are just getting into using liquid highlighters on the face like I am. 

What products do you use to brighten up your face? 


P.S. I bought this in the fall and it still hasn't run out and I use it all the obviously it's a keeper! 

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