Monday, April 28, 2014

Los Angeles Easter Weekend

Over Easter Weekend I knew I wanted to get away, so a hop skip and a jump and my roommate and I were in Los Angeles! It was a great weekend overall! We started in Los Angeles and went straight to the Grove. We knew that the new TopShop had opened so of course we had to go! After a little bit of damage we took our bags and ourselves to lunch. Along the way to another shopping destination, yes we shopped quite a bit, we ran into the restaurant Lemonade. We had heard so many great things about this little place so we had to stop! I got blueberry mint lemonade and a huge macaroon! The macaroon was just ok but the lemonade was probably one of the best lemonades I have ever had in my ever!

We only spent one day in Los Angeles because we had to have enough time to be in DisneyLand! How can you go all the way to Los Angeles and not drive the extra 45 minutes to Anaheim to do to the most magical place one Earth!? I love love love all things Disney, except the Fox and Hound, Dumbo and sometimes Bambi. But other than that I love Disney! So we got our tickets, and ran, ok maybe we fast walked, to Space Mountain. The greatest ride in Disney. Yep thats right, I said it, Space Mountain is the best ride...or at least top 5.

We rode countless rides, at delicious Monte Cristo's at The Orleans Cafe as well as beignets, also random but did you know that California Adventure has a bar? Well it does and it is bizarre. The day was magical but the best part of my day was getting over my fear of Tower of Terror. I am not a heights person at all, maybe because I am short so I like to be close to the ground but jokes aside I do not like heights. I have ridden Tower of Terror before and hated it! I love that feeling when your stomach drops when you are on a roller coaster but I hate it when it involves heights.

But, my roommate dragged me onto the ride, no really she had to seriously convince me to go on it. I was very nervous but since I had already ridden the ride before I knew when the drop was going to be so guess what? I wasn't scared at all! I actually enjoyed it and then rode it again! It was an amazing day and I am so happy that I took the time to go down to Southern California. It was a fantastic Easter Weekend!

What did you do for Easter Weekend!


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