Friday, April 4, 2014

March Favorites

I am a terrible person. Ok maybe not a terrible person but I am a terrible blogger. Like just slap me I have been terrible! I apologize for being gone for basically two weeks! So what had happened was…I had finals for school, and then spring break got the best of me and yea I just was totally slacking on the blogging end but I am back and ready to get back at it! And what better way to start then with my favorites from March!

My first favorite is MAC eyeshadow in Amber Lights. I love love love this color! I purchased it after watching a tutorial of someone using this shade and just had to have it! It is a beautiful golden brown shadow that is perfect for giving more of a bronzed look than a full on gold look. Not that I don't love my gold eyeshadows but this was a nice change up for spring! I apply this all over my lid for a beautiful wash of color and thats it! It is a no fuss kind of shadow in my opinion!

Second is the Rimmel Scandal Eyes eyeliner in Nude. I am not sure if I have talked about this product before but I am pretty sure I haven't. I was a little skeptical to use this since I have black skin and wasn't sure what a 'nude' liner would like on me but I love it! It really opens up my eyes and makes me look awake, which is something I need help with since I haven't been getting the most rest lately. I apply this to my water line but a quick tip is to use bottom mascara when wearing this. I find that if I do not apply mascara it tends to wash me out a little.

Next, is the Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy. I keep this little guy in my hand bag almost all the time. I have the biggest pet peeve for chapped lips. I cannot stand them so I always have a lip balm in my bag but I also am very picky about what I put on my lips. I am not gonna put just anything on my smackers! This formula is thick which I love but also is very moisturizing. The rose tint is an added bonus for during the day because its subtle but doesn't take away from the moisturizing effect. My only downside is that it is in a pot form which isn't the most sanitizing when you are out and about but oh well.

Then, we have the Makeup Forever Microfinish Powder. I talked about this here, so I won't go into to much detail but I have been reaching for it more and more lately. Especially for setting my under eye concealer.

Last, but not least, is the Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara. I going to write up a separate review on this product (that's how much I love it!) but now just know that is freaking amazing and might just be the best damn mascara I have ever tried…

Thank you for putting up with me these last two weeks! I promise not to leave the internet every again!

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