Friday, May 16, 2014

Inside my on the go pouch

No matter what handbag I am carrying I always have this pouch with me (as long as it fits in my the bag of course). I bought this cosmetic pouch when I was abroad last fall and if you don't know this about me already I love Longchamp products! It is sleek, chic, multipurpose and easy to clean! I have a few items by them but this pouch is by far one of my favorites because I use it daily! Plus its in my favorite color! So what's inside my on the go pouch?

Lip Color #2
Lip Color #5 (maybe I have a few to many lip products in here...)
Mirror/another lip product (ok obviously I have a problem)
Bobby pins
Hair clip

The contents of this pouch rarely change just because all the products are tried and true. One the off days that I do not have this pouch with me I usually take out my hand cream (I hate dry hands), hand sanitizer, a lip color or two, and the perfume. Quick tip: its easier to bring a perfume sample of your favorite perfume around with you instead of the whole bottle! Most perfumes will have samples anyway or you can always ask for one in Sephora!

What's inside your on the go pouch?


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