Friday, June 27, 2014

Most Reached For #1

Recently when I sit down to do my makeup I find myself reaching for these two blushes the most. I love blush. My love affair probably steams from having to wear so much back when I was dancing competitively, in which case we had to pile on bright red blush in order to be seen from the stage. Anyway, I think blush really brightens up a face and since it is summer I have been loving a good pink these days!

You can catch me wearing one of these whenever I put on makeup. NARS Mata Hari is an oldie for me. I have had this blush for about a year and still love it! I bought it because a beauty blogger who has a similar skin tone to me used it and I just had to try it. Although NARS is expensive it is totally worth the money in my opinion. The color is very opaque and creamy. It also lasts all day which is what I am looking for in a blush. I cannot stand when you look in them mirror and your blush has faded. 

The other option I choose is the Clinique Cheek Pop in Berry Pop which is more of a recent purchase. Like the NARS blush Berry pop is also long lasting and very rich in color. Unlike the NARS blush this color is a little more on the bright berry side, hence the name, while Mata Hari is more of a rose petal pink. Both are gorgeous and both brighten up my face.

What blushes are you loving at the moment?


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