Friday, June 20, 2014

My Travel Makeup Bag


This weekend I will be making a little getaway for a graduation and I thought I would show you what I makeup wise. In the past, I tend to pack EVERYTHING. Which not only is not practical but it makes for a very heavy makeup bag. Recently though I have learned to downsize but still bring everything I need. 

First I think of the possible outfits I will be wearing, this helps me figure out if I am going for a neutral eye, a bold lip, a bright cheek color, etc. From there I pack what I need. I typically only bring one base product but if I am bringing more, and in this case I might, then I usually 'depot' them into another container. 

TIP: I will steal/take the empty sample pots at Sephora and then fill those up with whatever base I am bringing, it saves space and is enough product for multiple uses. 

I try and limit myself to what I use on a daily basis, since I know those products work well for me. I also pack as many travel size products as I can. The hardest part for me is deciding on eyeshadow and cheek color. I always want to bring everything but I have recently fallen back in love with the Too Faced Natural Eye palate which has everything I will need to create multiple looks for this trip. I also packed the two blushes I am loving at the moment (a post on those later). 

Lastly, is lip color. For this trip I am wearing mostly bright colors so I went for a neutral lip crayon from NARS and a pretty coral Maybelline Elixir for an added dose of color. 

And if I forget something I can always just buy it when I get there...hey any excuse to go into Sephora right?! 

What do you pack in your travel makeup bag?


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