Monday, June 16, 2014

Nike Employee Store Haul

Ok first of all I have been a terrible blogger lately and I apologize for the lack of posts. My regular schedule of Monday and Fridays will resume. Now that's out of the way, I am so excited to talk about this haul! A couple of weeks ago I went to Portland for Memorial Day weekend with my room mate who is from there. I had never been to Portland before so I was really excited to visit!

The food was amazing, the area was so green but I did have a few things on my list that I really wanted to do and one of them was visiting the Nike Employee store. Now getting into the store is kind of difficult. Firstly, the only way to get access, meaning to actual purchase something, is if you have a pass. Getting passes can be difficult but somehow my room mates family managed to get us two so that my room mate and I could go in!

The store itself looks like any Nike store would but almost all the merchandise is half off or reduced. Some items even are not available to the general public or are released at the employee store first! Needless to say it was really exciting getting the chance to shop here since Nike headquarters are in Portland it was an experience I could only have here!

I don't want to be dramatic but it was a mad dash for merchandise. Not the 'black friday' kind of madness but more like 'if you think its remotely cute grab it now or someone will take it' madness. Honestly, our charts were full of stuff and I didn't end up buying all of it but I did buy a bit...

As you can see I don't need workout gear anytime soon. Yes I went a little crazy but my room mate pointed out "you probably won't be back here again so get it!" so I blame you Lindsay!!! I got two pairs of spandex pants, two sports bras (one not shown), a wind breaker jacket, and three pairs of shoes. Ok so I didn't need three pairs of shoes but I did need the basic black pair and at half off I couldn't resist! I had a great time in Portland and this was just one of the many highlights of my trip!


*This post is by no means meant to be bragging. 

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