Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Wardrobe

It is finally summer! I am finished with school and its time for internships, beaches, fun nights out and of course time to switch up my wardrobe! Since I am in northern California the summer weather is pretty nice, not what I am used to in Houston! Here are some of my top picks for what I will be wearing this summer! 

Summer time screams shorts! Time to bust out those legs that are hiding under jeans and shake things up. This summer I have been loving these silky, non cotton or denim version of shorts. They are seriously everywhere and so comfortable!!! Don't get me wrong I still love a good pair of J.Crew shorts and I have many but this summer I have been really liking these. Plus they can come in such bright colors or cute prints like the ones above! 

I love a good button down shirt year round but in the summer it can harder to wear since it is hot! I tend to go for lighter fabrics or layering if possible. I am in love this this gingham shirt which light weight but not see thru, which is a plus! I also will sometimes pair a tank top with a button down shirt as an alternative for a jacket. The chambray shirt is still heavy enough to keep me warm but light enough that I won't get to hot! 

There are days when it is just to hot to wear a button down shirt and thats when tank tops come out! I love a good printed tank top paired with denim shorts or a basic white top with a fun color or printed bottoms! Either way tank tops are a must for me almost every summer plus they are easy to throw on and walk out the door! 

The last piece of clothing for me are sun dresses. These are a must!! On those days when it is too hot to wear a lot of cloths, when I'm in a rush, or when I am feeling extra girly, I throw on one of these with cute sandals, maybe a scarf if I am feeling fancy and walk out the door. The best thing about these is how versatile they can be. I can wear a white dress with a printed scarf or add neutral wedges to colored dress! The possibilities are endless!!

Last but not least are sandals. I love flip flops but sandals are just a bit more put together and are ideal for the summer time. They are the in between of flip flops and wedges. Perfect to wear everyday, neutral, but also cute are what I look for the most. 

There you have it! Those are my clothing picks for summer! Its nice to switch out your closet for different seasons plus I love to bring out the bright is summer after all! 


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