Monday, July 21, 2014

Brand Focus...Korres


I got this idea from a YouTuber I follow...I know I watch too many YouTube videos, but I thought it was a good idea and something that I wanted to do! I really like certain brands for skincare, hair care, makeup, etc. One brand that I have been loving is Korres.

The natural skin care brand is about 18 years old and believes in using natural ingredients to create wonderful skincare...obviously. If you fancy reading more about the brand history I will link it here

Before I get into the products that I have purchased for myself I just want to say that everything I have used has been wonderful! Not only do the natural ingredients not irritate my skin, clog my skin, break me out, but they do what they are supposed to and they smell wonderful. 

First off the Korres Pomegranate Toner. The product says "a toner made with 15% pomegranate water and natural astringents for pore-minimizing, mattifying and clarifying." I can honestly say it does all of those things. I bought this off a recommendation from a Sephora girl. I asked for a toner that would minimize my pores and she showed me this. I really like it and does it smell a little bit like pomegranate but the smell is not overwelhming and does not linger on the skin. I definitely notice a difference when I do NOT use this on my skin. 

The Korres Greek Yoghurt Moisturizing Face Cream started it all...for me. I purchased this because I wanted a thicker winter time face cream and I had heard that Korres was a good brand so I gave it a whirl and I fell in love. Yes it is thicker, but it is not heavy on the skin at all and sinks in quickly. It is super hydrating and the greek component helps to fight acne...added bonus obviously. I used this day and night and when the weather started to heat up I only used this in the evening. I was quite sad when I ran out but then I purchased...

The Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial. I use this only in the evening and although I have only used it a few times I am already in love. The rose smell of this is divine. It doesn't linger for too long but it still smells amazing when you first apply it but it is not overly floral. It smells natural, if that makes sense. The texture of this moisturizer is a little bit different, it is more of a soufflĂ©. It is thicker but rightly so since it is a sleeping facial. So far I am in love. 

I have noticed, with all Korres products, that my face is brighter, smoother and decongested. I am loving the brand and I cannot wait to try more products. 


*Just as a disclaimer I purchased all of these products with my own money. Korres is not aware of this post nor are they paying me, offering me any favors etc. for the words and opinions here. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Update #1

A little while back I did a little Ulta haul after giving up buying beauty products for Lent this year. As promised here is the update on the products I got from that haul. 

Down to the Pore strips were a hit! I actually really liked these. I still have some and use them as a special treatment if I feel like my black heads, pores, or nose is looking a bit wise. How it works is you wet your nose, and then stick the strips to your nose. Let them dry for about 10 minutes or so and then peel it off. Now the peeling off process is not fun but I tend to re-wet the strips so that it comes off easier. Otherwise it tends to hurt...but beauty is pain right? Anyway, these I am enjoying and get rid of blackheads so winner here!

The L'Oreal Liner Intense eyeliner is good...I just don't use it. Don't get me wrong I like it and I should use it but I don't. I have the brown shade which is what I wanted. The color is beautiful and it doesn't look as harsh on the eyelids when I don't want that bold black all up on there. I really should use this but it is a winner! I promise...

Last but not least is the Orly Bonder. I bought this, like most of my purchases, based on recommendations from watching YouTube videos. But that is neither here nor there...this is just ok. It is a good base coat but do I see my nail polish lasting longer than most others I have I also has a very stronger alcoholic scent to it. Which is fine and maybe I am just really hard on my hands which is why my nail polish tends to chip so easily but it is doing the job for now so out of all three this would be my second placer? Does that make sense? It is not a loser but not a winner either...


Monday, July 14, 2014

Brightening Bit

Everyone wants bright eyes right? I mean, we all want to look awake and well rested. Even after you use eye creams, concealers, and eyeshadow we sometimes find that our eyes still look tired or have that looking 'closed effect.' Something I do to prevent this and open up my eyes is to use brightening eyeliners. 

First I will use the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Nude. On the water line, this immediately opens up my eyes and makes me look wide awake! I do suggest you use mascara on your bottom lashes when wearing this because sometimes the nude can be to much on the eyes, especially for my skin tone, but pop on a little mascara and you are ready to go! 

My other trick is to use the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. I also will use this on the water line but I tend to use it the most on the inner corner of my eye. I swipe this on and then blend out with my finger. This brings light to my eyes and helps open them up on those days when I have had little sleep! 

What do you use to help with tired eyes? 


Friday, July 11, 2014

Oldie But Goodie

Recently Too Faced came out with their new Natural Eye Palette. I really want it, but I cannot justify purchasing it because I have the 'old' version. So instead of buying the new palate I decided to revisit the one I already have, and I fell back in love with it!

The palate is made up of nine shades: three matte and six shimmer. It also includes cards that teach you how to create certain looks. This has everything you need to create a neutral eye. Only two shades are different in the new version but otherwise they are similar. 

Above left to right: Nude Beach, Silk Teddy, Heaven

Above left to right: Honey Pot, Push-Up, Velvet Revolver

Above left to right: Cocoa Puff, Erotica, Sexspresso

My favorite shades are Honey Pot, Push-Up and Velvet Revolver but I still use all of the shades. This eyeshadow palate is perfect for traveling and the new edition is slimmer and has a mirror inside. This is all around a great product to invest in and well worth the money!

Do you have a product you have rediscovered?


Monday, July 7, 2014

Empties #1

This is my first empties and I am very excited! Its always nice to read these kind of blog posts. To see what products other people completely use up is a good way to know what products are actually good and worth the money. 

The first product is Bioderma Crealine H2O. I bought a couple of these while I was abroad and I have become addicted! This mineral water is great for taking off makeup, a toner or cleansing the face. On lazy morning, which is often, I will put this water on a cotton pad and swipe it over my face to get rid of any remaining products from the previous night. It is an all around gentle, multi-purpose, and amazing product! 

Would I repurchase? Yes I would! I have a few bottles left of this product so I will continue to use it often! 

Next, is the travel size of the Origins Clear Improvement mask. I bought this a while ago for traveling purposes obviously and I fell in love with it. I use this mask about twice a week to prevent acne and black heads. It is also great for keeping the skin smooth and clear. Plus the charcoal mask is great for extracting pores which helps to further prevent break outs. 

Would I repurchase? Yes! I have bought the full size of this mask and am currently using it! 

Last but not least, is the Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray. I have purchased this in the full size and travel sizes multiple times. Since I have oily skin this setting spray helps prevent shine and to keep my makeup in place all day. I spray before I put on foundation and after my foundation. It really locks everything in to place and helps my makeup to last longer. The setting spray is also made by Skindinavia which are known for their setting sprays. 

Would I repurchase? Yes I would but I am going to try the All Nighter Setting Spray this time! 

Do you currently have any empty products? 


Friday, July 4, 2014

June Favorites

I don't have that many favorites this month mostly because I have been so busy finishing school, moving out and then moving in to a new place. Also starting an internship and a job so needless to say June was a busy month for me! I still was loving a few beauty related items though...

The Neutrogena Body Oil is something I have used for years! I first spotted it in my best friends mom shower and asked if it was moisturizing because my skin can get so dry. After that I have gone through multiple bottles of it. After showering I will smooth this all over my body, only if I shower in the evening or if I know I am not going anywhere, because this stuff is very greasy and takes a little while to sink into the skin but I don't mind. It is a great over night moisturizer and is one of the main reasons I do not have dry skin. I highly highly highly, recommend it! Like highly!!!

This month I have been in love with NARS Tinted Moisturizer. Not only does it have SPF 30 it also is just the perfect amount of coverage for the summer. I also have oily skin and I find that this holds up pretty well against my oily skin. I tend to apply this with my fingers and it blends into my skin perfectly! Its my summer skin in a bottle!!

Also from NARS is the Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in Hopi. When I was in Portland last month, I found myself at the NARS counter in Nordstrom. I don't know how exactly I found myself there but I did...anyway I asked the makeup artist to find me a nude lip and this is what we landed on. I am completely in love with it. It gives me a nude look with just a hint of golden shimmer and the gloss actually is moisturizing, not too sticky, and lasts for more than an hour. See why I like it so much!

I recently picked up the Essie Tart Deco nail polish at Target. I had worn this color previously but for some reason I did not actually own it so I had to have it obviously! Now I know why I fell in love with this color, its such a pretty coral and perfect for summer.

Last but not least is the Anastasia DipBrow Pomade. Now I have only used this a few times, and I will give a final review later, but it is safe to say I am in love with it! Not only is it my perfect shade but it is also very long lasting and easy to use!

June was busy but July should be fun!
What are your plans for July and your recent beauty favorites?

Happy 4th of July! Cheers!