Monday, July 21, 2014

Brand Focus...Korres


I got this idea from a YouTuber I follow...I know I watch too many YouTube videos, but I thought it was a good idea and something that I wanted to do! I really like certain brands for skincare, hair care, makeup, etc. One brand that I have been loving is Korres.

The natural skin care brand is about 18 years old and believes in using natural ingredients to create wonderful skincare...obviously. If you fancy reading more about the brand history I will link it here

Before I get into the products that I have purchased for myself I just want to say that everything I have used has been wonderful! Not only do the natural ingredients not irritate my skin, clog my skin, break me out, but they do what they are supposed to and they smell wonderful. 

First off the Korres Pomegranate Toner. The product says "a toner made with 15% pomegranate water and natural astringents for pore-minimizing, mattifying and clarifying." I can honestly say it does all of those things. I bought this off a recommendation from a Sephora girl. I asked for a toner that would minimize my pores and she showed me this. I really like it and does it smell a little bit like pomegranate but the smell is not overwelhming and does not linger on the skin. I definitely notice a difference when I do NOT use this on my skin. 

The Korres Greek Yoghurt Moisturizing Face Cream started it all...for me. I purchased this because I wanted a thicker winter time face cream and I had heard that Korres was a good brand so I gave it a whirl and I fell in love. Yes it is thicker, but it is not heavy on the skin at all and sinks in quickly. It is super hydrating and the greek component helps to fight acne...added bonus obviously. I used this day and night and when the weather started to heat up I only used this in the evening. I was quite sad when I ran out but then I purchased...

The Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial. I use this only in the evening and although I have only used it a few times I am already in love. The rose smell of this is divine. It doesn't linger for too long but it still smells amazing when you first apply it but it is not overly floral. It smells natural, if that makes sense. The texture of this moisturizer is a little bit different, it is more of a souffl√©. It is thicker but rightly so since it is a sleeping facial. So far I am in love. 

I have noticed, with all Korres products, that my face is brighter, smoother and decongested. I am loving the brand and I cannot wait to try more products. 


*Just as a disclaimer I purchased all of these products with my own money. Korres is not aware of this post nor are they paying me, offering me any favors etc. for the words and opinions here. 

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