Friday, July 18, 2014

Update #1

A little while back I did a little Ulta haul after giving up buying beauty products for Lent this year. As promised here is the update on the products I got from that haul. 

Down to the Pore strips were a hit! I actually really liked these. I still have some and use them as a special treatment if I feel like my black heads, pores, or nose is looking a bit wise. How it works is you wet your nose, and then stick the strips to your nose. Let them dry for about 10 minutes or so and then peel it off. Now the peeling off process is not fun but I tend to re-wet the strips so that it comes off easier. Otherwise it tends to hurt...but beauty is pain right? Anyway, these I am enjoying and get rid of blackheads so winner here!

The L'Oreal Liner Intense eyeliner is good...I just don't use it. Don't get me wrong I like it and I should use it but I don't. I have the brown shade which is what I wanted. The color is beautiful and it doesn't look as harsh on the eyelids when I don't want that bold black all up on there. I really should use this but it is a winner! I promise...

Last but not least is the Orly Bonder. I bought this, like most of my purchases, based on recommendations from watching YouTube videos. But that is neither here nor there...this is just ok. It is a good base coat but do I see my nail polish lasting longer than most others I have I also has a very stronger alcoholic scent to it. Which is fine and maybe I am just really hard on my hands which is why my nail polish tends to chip so easily but it is doing the job for now so out of all three this would be my second placer? Does that make sense? It is not a loser but not a winner either...


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