Friday, August 8, 2014

Sweat Proof Face

For those of you that do not know. I'm from Texas. I say y'all, Bluebell vanilla ice cream is my favorite, and I love TexMex food. There is my proof. That being said I no stranger to sweltering heat. I grew up with 100 degree weather every summer being a guarantee. So I know what makeup can withstand melting off my face or not.

First things first I never wear a full foundation in the summer unless I am going to be inside mostly, my skin looks terrible and needs the extra coverage or its a special event. So a tinted moisturizer is best, and my favorite right now is the NARS version. It has SPF and gives me enough coverage. Plus it is very long lasting. Even on my oily skin.

Since I am not wearing a foundation, I choose a heavier concealer and the MAC Pro-Longwear concealer is tried and true. It does not go anywhere once applied! I will literally cover anything!!!! I MEAN ANYTHING! Just blend out with your fingers, because skin to skin contact is the best for blending since it picks up the additional product plus the heat from your skin will help the product sink in faster.

Now onto the eyes. I have wear eye primer personally my eyelids just get so oily. Now I find myself applying primer even if I am not wearing eyeshadow that day. I just don't like oily eyelids. In the summer I can't be bothered to spend to much time on my makeup so I go for a one swipe wonder like the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow sticks. One swipe across the lids, blended with my fingers and I'm done! All that is left is to apply a mascara. I use waterproof mascara more in the summer and my favorite is the Cover Girl Lash Blast.

Last but not least to set everything I will spray my trusty Urban Decay De-Slick setting spray. It helps to keep the oil at bay for a few more hours than if I do not spray it. Plus a cooling mist on the face in the summer feels fantastic!

What are your sweat proof products?


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