Friday, October 3, 2014

September Favorites

Lets jump right into this. This month my face decided to freak out, partly because I am stressed from starting school, and going through recruitment for my sorority and secondly because I have not been keeping up with my skin care routine as usual...I know I know shame on me. So to help combat the weird bumps and big painful pimples I have been using the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo. I have talking about this stuff before but it really does noticeably help the size of my bumps and or pimples decrease!

Lately I have been going for a less is more look with my makeup but if I still want to put something on my eyelids then I choose MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork. It is a great neutral, brown, taupe shade. It also helps to keep my lids from becoming super oily and it just makes my face look more polished and put together in my opinion.

Speaking of looking polished the Anatasia Brow Pomade also helps me achieve that. They say that the eyebrows frame the face and I am starting to believe that. I don't use a lot but when I do use it, my face instantly has more shape. A little warning: it looks darker in the pot than it does when used!

Last but not least are my favorite lip product! I have fallen back in love with Burts Bees lip balm. Just the classic flavor that I found floating around in my purse and was in desperate need for a something soothing on the lips. The standout for me though is the Maybelline Color Elixir in Carmel Infused. This is the perfect nude rose shade for me and it is long lasting!

What are your favorite products of September?


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