Friday, October 10, 2014

What Chelsea Did: School Bag

This is my last year in college, so I have a pretty good of idea of what works for me in terms of supplies. I do not carry much but what I do carry is essential for me! I usually carry a Longchamp Le Pliage bag because its big and easy to clean plus it looks cute! 

My school is on the quarter system, so every quarter I purchase a new 5 subject notebook. For me it is easier to only carry around one notebook instead of one for each course. I have to have a water bottle with me or I get super dehydrated. This one from Target is the latest edition to my water bottle collection and also the biggest! 

I usually will carry around some beauty things which I keep in my Longchamp pouch. I also have sunglasses, since it is always sunny where I go to school and a pouch for all my pens. Sometimes I bring a textbook to class, if the course requires it so right now I have my Latin textbook...pretty exciting right?! Just kidding. 

To go along with my notebook I will have a folder that I can keep forms, loose worksheets, and any other important items for class that I don't want to lose. Last but not least and probably one of the most important things in my bag is my planner. I cannot go anywhere without this thing, I even once called it my bible because without I would be a hot mess. It tells me everything I need to know for the upcoming week and I am a very forgetful person so writing things down really helps me. I will do a full review on the planner I have later but I highly recommend it!!! 

What do you keep in your school or work bag? 


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