Friday, December 19, 2014

Lindsay's Holiday Nail Picks

I've mentioned Lindsay before and if you read my blog posts from abroad you will know who she is! I don't know if I have met someone who is just as into products as I am or someone who has a more impressive nail polish collection. So I kindly asked her to write about her nail polish picks for the holidays!

Hey everyone, I'm Lindsay (aka Chelsea's friend with a nail polish addiction)! Chelsea asked me if I could write a post on my favorite holiday nail polish and I happily agreed!
Narrowing down the choices is never easy, but I do have a rather specific rotation for my favorite festive season. I don't like neon colors or glitter. I am a firm believer that the only thing sparkling should be a person's diamonds. However, I have a very firm exception to this rule. During Christmas season I love having glittery nails and my polish picks reflect this heavily. 

Red is my favorite nail color for all seasons from deep reds in winter to coral reds in the summer (O.P.I.'s Cajun Shrimp, am I right?). So naturally the main colors I picked were red. Ignoring the red for a second we look at the first color of the season. Butter London's British Racing Green appears on my nails as the kick off to the season. The subtle sparkle of the forest green goes on right before thanksgiving. The color does not scream Christmas season, but allows me to imagine the Christmas trees and music that will start up within the week. Even though let's be honest I am already blasting the BublĂ© in my car. 

Next up, Nars Jungle Red. A beautiful deep red that remains constant through autumn and fall on my fingers. But during the christmas season this is my go to toe nail polish. I am a firm believer that even if the toes don't show there is polish on those all year round. The color is absolutely gorgeous and a red that anyone should add to their collection.

Essie's Scarlett O'Hara is a beautiful red with hints of gold sparkle. The color is stunning and I use this if I do not use my Red Carpet Manicure Color Glitz and Glamourous. Glitz and Glamorous is a red with a hint of sparkle. Nothing crazy, but festive enough for the weeks prior to the final Christmas countdown. Both colors are beautiful, and if you don't have Red Carpet Manicure essie's color is perfect for pre-festive festive. 

Barry M's Ruby Slippers--what can I say. Just looking at the bottle makes me giddy for Christmas. The glitter is prominent but the color is still opaque enough to stand alone as a polish. I love this color, and my many trips to boots brought it into my life and hopefully I can find a way to restock without being in London!

The last two colors are from my New Year's Eve edit. Gold screams christmas eve and as such I recently added Sephora's Factor X Bond, Iconic Bond nail polish. First off, love the name. Second love the color between the large and small glitter within the polish I think the gold will stand out on New Years Eve. Marc Jacob's Le Charm called to me. I saw it and I knew I needed it. The sparkle is even throughout and looked perfect for a more subtle New Year's Eve statement nail. 

So hopefully everyone has holidays filled with love and beautiful nail polishes!

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